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FF Sparks (Casual)

The Murk Thickens...

So... we hired this adminstrative person some time back, before all this mess at work. We hired her - the same way we hire everyone on the team - because her personality meshed well with us and she shared our ideals of how a team should be run. A while back when they began breaking us up into sub-companies, she was taken away from us, demoted to a subordinate position, and has been miserable. Since she /is/, as far as we are concerned, a member of our team/family we have here, we've been making fuss and trying to get her back.

We just found out that human resources has been denying the requests and then told people - INCLUDING the admin in question - that they were convinced my team wanted her back for an imagined ability in bed, not her administrative skills. (Thela is, admittedly, very attractive. But she's also the best admin this company had, back when she was allowed to do her job, and everyone in this office - not just those on our team - agrees on that.)

Complaints of sexual harassment were lodged against the human resources person in question, and were simply discarded with a note of 'human resources deals with questions of sexual harassment, they do not cause them.' So we're all REALLY offended - especially since human resources already was on our bad side. They told the two people who were fired - the /week/ before they were fired - 'oh, you're just worrying too much, your jobs are safe, I give you my word.' Moreover, various team members have expressed concerns about the management style - to human resources, requesting confidentiality - and never received an answer except that their manager suddenly comes to them to 'discuss their attitude' over the reported concerns.




It sucks when you can't trust the people in HR to handle their job with a bit of common courtesy and humanity.

Of course, I don't have much faith for my HR dept either, though at least I still have a job. (I'll explain later, I promise..)

In the end, it'll get them.. and if you need to, take the harrassment complaints outside the company. If the company wn't deal with it, it's time to take it somewhere else.

Fun. o.o;

It's distressing when the people in a company who are supposed to have the most "heart" end up being the ones with the least.

Is there any additional resource you can turn to right now? Anyone higher up, who /doesn't/ have a skewed opinion of you folks, who'd be willing to listen to you folks' side of the story? *HUGS*

Call the state.

Seriously, state programs and committees EXIST for a purpose like this. If you're not afraid to be the whistleblower, you can contact
the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC):

The EEOC enforces federal anti-discrimination laws in employment. For further information, please contact the Seattle EEOC Office at
1-800-669-4000. http://www.eeoc.gov/

Seattle Office of Civil Rights (SOCR)
The City of Seattle has adopted anti-discrimination ordinances in housing, employment, and public services. Seattle's ordinances also include sexual orientation, source of income, and political ideology among their protected classes. For further information, please contact SOCR at 700 Third Avenue Suite 250, Seattle, WA 98104. Their phone number is (206) 684-4500. http://www.ci.seattle.wa.us/seattle/civil/home.htm

These would be my suggestions.

Re: Call the state.

We're looking seriously at the possibilities. Thela's also faced discrimination and racial comments from HR for the fact that she's African American. (One of the HR people actually told her, "Wow, you sound smart for a black...you don't talk in ebonics!")

We're thinking more seriously we may all just leave, though, at this rate. Thela's looking at taking up bartending instead - she's been taking night courses and working that on weekends to start out.

This is just insane.