Rachel "Sparks" Blackman (seattlesparks) wrote,
Rachel "Sparks" Blackman

Random Foo

The art show was good; I was confused on who it was for. It turns out it's for one of Sally's classmate's other teachers; an artist (Joan Fai Shih) who combines eastern (Sumi-e) style brush painting with western watercolor styles. It's really quite phenomenal...there was a painting of the Walnut Street bridge in Philadelphia (one of my favorite landmarks anyway) which was absolutely stunning; if I had the money to spare on paintings, I would've bought it!

Woke up this morning with both doggies having lumped themselves onto my bed and pinned me against the wall. Molly was happily informing me with many licks that she was glad I was there, and then whacked me with a paw to inform me I needed to come down to breakfast so the meal would be done and they could have leftovers. Annie just lay down on my legs and fell asleep, pinning me. Other than that, it'll be back to more archival work today before mom heads out to New York this weekend.

Am also hoping to connect up with aninkling, who is considering driving up from Baltimore to hang out. Problem is, she called and left a voicemail on my cellular last night, which took me a while to get; I have almost no cellular signal in the Manor Road house. I can get signal as soon as we're out of the house, but... no good here. I could get on voicemail long enough to tell who had left a message, but not what the number was! Ack! So I got to spend some time this morning playing 'roam the neighborhood looking for signal.' I never have dead zones in Seattle unless I go down to Tacoma, but here in Philly I have two big ones I hit -- this neighborhood, and surubee's neighborhood. Gah!

Anyway, hopefully we can synch up there.
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