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FF Sparks (Casual)


I just heard there's some sort of serious storm going on back in Seattle, and glitch appears to be down. Can't reach Jen or Brent -- house line seems to get no answer (no surprise if the computers are down), Jen's cellular is busy, Brent's cell gets no answer. I'll assume they're okay, but yeek.


Oh, is that what that was.

I was wondering what that number was, and I googled it and found it was Dan's. So I figured it was you, but your phone didn't answer when I called. ;>

It hailed here a little today, but that's all. I've been home all day, didn't hear the main line ring, and glitch is just ducky as far as I can tell.

Our phone/net has been a little goofy recently, though. Ping times outward totally blew yesterday.
Okay, so maybe it was a little windier around the area than I first noticed, what with the tornado and all.

See, I wasn't worried for absolutely no reason! ;)