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FF Sparks (Casual)

More Philly Stuff

Am at surubee's house for dinner. Met with chaosrunner for lunch. Whee! :)

I scanned a whole bunch of family photos... many of my great-grandmother Katharine Westerman Bates (the one who was kicked out of finishing school and deported from Germany for stealing a ferry, and who sewed all the silverware to the tablecloth before a formal dinner, etc.), some of her mother Katharine Marie Westerman, some of my great-grandfather Clifford Bates, and so on. Many of my grandmother and her older brother Fred, as well. I've done restoration on a bunch of them -- removed discolorations where I could, gotten rid of mold stains, countered fading due to age, and so on.

One thing that mom commented on when she saw an old picture of grandma around my age -- a comment that Susan also made -- is that she thinks grandma and I look very alike. Looking at these old pictures, I can also now see what it is when folks talk about the 'face of the Bates women', which grandma had, and which I keep getting told that I have. One particular image, of grandma a bit before she got married into the Tatman family, apparently makes this stand out...


They're right. You have the same smile and cheekbones.
That's uncanny, especially compared to your LJ icon.