Rachel "Sparks" Blackman (seattlesparks) wrote,
Rachel "Sparks" Blackman

More Philly Stuff

Am at surubee's house for dinner. Met with chaosrunner for lunch. Whee! :)

I scanned a whole bunch of family photos... many of my great-grandmother Katharine Westerman Bates (the one who was kicked out of finishing school and deported from Germany for stealing a ferry, and who sewed all the silverware to the tablecloth before a formal dinner, etc.), some of her mother Katharine Marie Westerman, some of my great-grandfather Clifford Bates, and so on. Many of my grandmother and her older brother Fred, as well. I've done restoration on a bunch of them -- removed discolorations where I could, gotten rid of mold stains, countered fading due to age, and so on.

One thing that mom commented on when she saw an old picture of grandma around my age -- a comment that Susan also made -- is that she thinks grandma and I look very alike. Looking at these old pictures, I can also now see what it is when folks talk about the 'face of the Bates women', which grandma had, and which I keep getting told that I have. One particular image, of grandma a bit before she got married into the Tatman family, apparently makes this stand out...

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