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Bright in the Sky!

So, lately I've been out more than I had before. Out with Jess, Catsy and Logan, and today I went out with Jen and Brent to watch Brent's softball game. It was sunny and beautiful -- still is -- and we lay there and watched (and I read for some of the time). Unfortunately, when we got back, Jen had gotten reddened on one half of her face. My face is all pink, and my right arm and about half of my left arm are sunburned. Owie owie. (Yes, Seattle weather is such that you can get sunburned.) The big bright thing in the sky hurts us, it does!

Tomorrow, I head back to Philadelphia for a while. I have to be leaving the house at 6:30 my time to fly out, so, uh, pity me or something, since that means getting up EARLIER than 6:30. Ugh.
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