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Today In a Nutshell

Well, it was a pretty busy day today!

Got together with amezuki and bayushi and the tadlet at about 9:30, which meant I was up around 8:15-ish, which is Way Too Early on a Saturday in general. We headed off to to the bank to try and sign 'em up at the credit union, and to get a bit of breakfast first.

While they were in the bank, Logan ran around a bunch -- lots of energy to work out -- so I took him outside. When he tried to run out into the parking lot (restrained, thankfully, by an adult hand on his wrist) for the third time, I put him in time-out for about ten minutes. Then we went over to where my Beetle was parked, and I opened the windows and put a Dance Dance Revolution soundtrack into the stereo, and Logan and I danced on the parking lot planter-divider-thingy to 'Butterfly.' Logan can now sing Butterfly. Sort-of. ("Ai ai ai... fwy... sky... ai... fwy... sah-muh-rah... BUTTAHFWY!")

Then we headed off to Factoria to look at the apartment they wanted. We got there a little early, and it was right by Chaplin's (the VW dealer I bought Skuld from), so I stopped by to get a replacement battery for my keyless lock unit. While I was there, I bought the cutest VW baseball cap in the entire world, because I had to. Pictures will be at the end of the post, behind an LJ-cut.

As for the apartment, I wish I'd brought my digicam; it was actually a really lovely little apartment! Logan also liked the apartment, because it came equipped with a LoganCave. (Actually, it was supposed to be a pantry, but I defy Catsy and Jess to use it for that purpose now that Logan's discovered it!) Good luck to 'em on getting the apartment.

Then we went by to Jess' sister-in-law's house to pick up the stuff Jess and Catsy had stored in the garage. Met her nephews, played with 'em for a while, and then we headed off to the storage place. Stopped at Southcenter, got food, then went to the storage place. Logan, by now, was starting to get just a wee bit frantic energy-level-wise from all the car riding, and spent much of the time either running around in circles, or being spun in circles by me to wear him out. It didn't work, so after the storage, we went to Gasworks Park; it was a beautiful day, sunny and about 60 degrees, so we really enjoyed it. Logan got to climb things, play in sand, watch boats on the water, climb the kite-flying hill, stomp in the puddles up on the sundial which never go away, and learn how to roll down a grassy hill. By the time we called it quits and went our separate ways, Logan was soaked, muddy, and grass-stained, and about as happy as I've ever seen him. :)

So, now Jen and I are considering a movie, since this will be one of the last weekends we have to do movies in; I'll be gone for a while shortly, then she'll be busy packing for Japan, then I'll be away again, then she'll be actually leaving. In the meantime, I'm catching up on the day's email and all. Whew!

Not the most interesting post, but a busy day nonetheless.

And now... VW Hat Photos!

The pictures didn't come out as well as they could, because the digicam can't pick up the metallic thread used for the embroidery when the flash goes off. But the front view is a silver Beetle seen from the front, with a little silver halo over it. The back view is a red Beetle seen from the back, with horns and a tail. On the actual fastener-band is embroidered 'new beetle' in red.

It's silly, but I had to get it. :)
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