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Fish! (Today's fish is trout a'la creme. Enjoy your meal.)

Oh, since I didn't post about it last night, I should mention that for her last dinner in town, Fey and I went to Chinook's. For those who aren't familiar with Seattle restaurants, Chinook's is considered one of the best seafood restaurants around here. It's in Fisherman's Terminal, the fishing-boat docks in Salmon Bay, sheltered inland but a short hop from Puget Sound itself; they have fresh local oysters, and lots of good fishy stuff. Their alder-planked (a traditional Northwest style of making fish) salmon is reknowned as excellent. It was good food, and very filling!

Afterwards, we met up with ssha at the Mixx; we were too full for any dessert, but had a bit to drink when we headed over to Gingko Teahouse to sit and chat afterwards. It was nice, and a good way to wind-down the last night of the visit.

Sadly, one of the many reasons I love folks visiting from out-of-town is a chance to go get foods I don't normally get. I'm not big on going out for dinner solo, but neither of my roommates likes Indian food, and Jen doesn't like seafood at all. Luckily, both have many other redeeming qualities to make up for this sad lack in the culinary taste area. A big one being the ability to tolerate me as a roommate! But as a result, the only times I get to go out for good seafood, or to go for Indian food or suchnot, are usually when friends visit. And for the record, Fey and I /did/ hit Tandoor, my favorite Indian restaurant, for dinner one night. Mmm. Chicken kashmiri! Mmm mmm. Mmm!
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