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Off on an Airplane...

After a week of visiting, I drove shadowfey back to the airport this morning (which is a beautiful Seattle spring day), so she should be back home in Florida this evening. It'll be a little strange to have her gone, after a week of hanging out and doing stuff. I think it was good for me, overall, since I got out and did more. (Even if I did catch something nasty from Logan. Bleah! Still coughing and sore throat...) Still, will see her again later.

Soon, it's going to be my turn to head off on a trip, though. On Monday, I fly back to Philadelphia again for a little while -- normal contact information (cellular, pager, mobile-email) should still reach me there, though -- for more family stuff. Now that the ground is thawed enough, her ashes -- and those of grandfather, which were on the mantle at the house -- will be interred in the family plot together.

When I was young, there was nothing there to speak of, and now there's several fresh, matching gravestones... grandmother and grandfather, waiting right next to each other, Uncle Bob and Uncle Gordon. And right next to our plot is Elliot and Louise's family plot, so the families stay together as they were in life. It's sort of poignant in some ways. I /do/ feel a connection to there, but when I stand there and look at their headstones, I miss them all more than ever. Maybe it won't be as bad when it's not cold and windy out, this time.

I'll be taking back Pixel (the Powerbook), of course, and also a new flatbed USB scanner and my second LaCie d2 Firewire RAID media storage ('Sephirot,' the first one being 'Akashic'), so I'll be scanning in a lot of grandmother's documents and photos and stuff, for storage and -- hopefully -- restoration of them. A contribution to family chronicling and history, which will eventually be burned as a photo album CD or a photo DVD, for members of the family.

I may try to meet up with surubee and her family while back there, to be a little more social and cheerful. We'll see how schedules go, I guess.
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