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FF Sparks (Casual)

Toddler Disease Vectors...

So, on Sunday, shadowfey and I went out with bayushi and the tadlet on a picnic. Logan ran around a lot, ran off into the woods, tried to climb trees, fell in the mud, and coughed on us a lot.

Tonight, bayushi and I have nearly lost our voices, and have horrible sore throats, while shadowfey has a mild sore throat. Logan seems pleased with himself. Toddler-driven biological warfare, I tell you!

I have decided ice cream is the best cure for a sore throat.


My immune system can beat up both your immune systems.
Oh yeah? Well, uhm... uh... erm...

Darnit. I can't come up with a snappy retort.
This is why I have a standing policy of not giving goodbye kisses to anyone under 5'.
How about under 16 instead? There's some very nice old ladies (and women in general) in the 4'9-4'11 range.
But Brent and my LJ icons go very well with your LJ colour scheme.
I blame my nephews, as we haven't been around anyone else who could possibly be losing their voices.

It's their fault, I tell you!
Oh, sure, blame Jordan... ;)