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Random Webcomic Links

In the past few weeks, I've gone webcomic hunting to find a few new things to read; the daily strip format can be fun, but I've been craving longer stories. So, here's a few of the ones I follow. Some are more recent, some I've been following for a while.

  • Angels 2200 -- been following this for a while
    In the future, a virus from biological warfare has wiped out most of the male population. As humanity slowly rebuilds their armed forces as best they can, a war continues in space. Follow the girls of Icebreaker squadron, the least-prepared fighter pilots in the Terran navy...
  • 9th Elsewhere -- been following this for a while
    Every artist or writer -- even the depressed ones -- has to find their inspiration from somewhere. Occasionally, one is granted the guidance of a genuine muse... but when depressed would-be writer Carmen is taken on a journey into her own subconscious by a barely-competent muse, both she and he become trapped within her own mind. A journey of self-discovery, as Carmen and Eiji travel through her own mind in hopes of finding a way back out.
  • Grand Blue Door
    Set in the South of early 1900's, Grand Blue Door follows orphan Fiona Truitt as she goes to spend the summer away from the orphanage for once, staying with her second cousin Edgar who runs the Grand Blue Door Hotel. However, Fiona soon learns the Grand Blue Door is an unusual hotel; the guests are spirits and mythological creatures, and Fiona quickly finds herself plunged into a world she never imagined existed.
  • Angel Moxie
    Three misfit girls, chosen by fate as the warriors to represent strength, wisdom and magic, find themselves fighting ancient demons who are escaping into this world. Talking cats, demonic teachers, malfunctioning robots, and much sarcasm. Not really a serious storyline, but a lot of fun to read at times.
  • Alpha Shade
    What would it be like if World War I occurred in a fantasy world? I'm still not quite sure what to make of this comic -- which is done entirely in Flash, as a warning -- but it fascinates me on some level. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Anyway, that's the list of a few of the newer webcomics I've been trying out, and a couple of the ongoing-story comics I'd been reading. I know a few folks on my friends list are often looking for new comics, so here's a few links. :)
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