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Portland Trip

So, shadowfey and I went down to Portland today to visit with Moth@OGR. We got up and drove kieri to the Friends of the Library book sale over at the old Sand Point naval base. Then we got gas, and started off southwards. It was a long drive, especially since there was some bad traffic. However, we got down to Portland just fine, and met up with Moth. We sat around and talked for a bit -- some Mac-geeking was involved, since two Mac users were meeting -- and then went out to Powell's to go book-shopping, and went out for sushi. Then we came back and hung out a little longer.

The problem came on the way home. We made it from Portland to Seattle (~170 miles) in a bit more than 2 hours, from 8:00 to 10:10, or at least to the West Seattle Bridge. Then, from the West Seattle Bridge to Safeco Field (0.7 miles of freeway) took another hour; there'd been a nasty accident of some kind, and not only were two lanes blocked, but everyone had to stop to rubberneck. Luckily, we eventually got past and got home. Whew!

Tired -- about six hours of driving! -- but it was a good day. :)
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