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My father, as a bit of background, is a computer-user's nightmare, and a virus author's wet dream. Despite /years/ of telling him otherwise, dad will blindly click on any link or attachment he's sent. Worse still, he will turn off the virus and spyware protection software, because it prevents him from 'taking surveys' and installing stuff. Every so often, he kills the PC and mom has to install Windows, or have me come and clean it off. (Mom, as a contrast, used to be an AIX mainframe user for many years.)

So, mom's finally fed up; she decides she wants her own computer which she can do e-mail and other work on (since she's still one of the Board for PCC, the natural-foods store she was board administrator for for most of my life, as well as teaching a tea ceremony course at the local college).

She'd played with pixel (my Mac) enough to feel that she liked the Mac, and I told her I could install her MSN dialup account on it and (since I had three licenses for Office X and only use one) that I could install Word for her, along with Excel (which she needed and didn't have on the PC). So yesterday she went and bought an Apple Powerbook G4, which has been named chado (which means 'way of tea' in Japanese). I spent a couple hours yesterday setting it up for her.

Today, I get this gushing e-mail about how the Mac is /so/ much easier to use, and how she's dealing with Word and Excel files with no problem, and able to send and receive attachments again (dad had /really/ messed up the PC), and so on, and she's about to leave for San Francisco for a couple days to help with her old teacher's pottery showing, and hadn't planned to take the laptop but now she thinks she will, and do I know where she can find a good Powerbook carrying case?

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