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Aside from things like cooking breakfast this morning (mmm, real food), and getting Slipstream underway by killing off all the characters (wahaha! Great first session) as well as some excellent RP elsewhere, my main achievement for the day is that I've finally got Noderunner.net, Riverdark.net and Inverse.org moved to Snafu instead of Foobar. Tomorrow evening, I move amurderofcrows's games over, along with the last remaining domain.

I've also redone the antispam for Noderunner; it's down to the point that of the approximately 180 spam per day that I get, only 2 are getting through. I am a happy Sparks! I'm going to work on a real Noderunner.net website at some point -- I've asked millenia to look at designing a template I can use -- as well as a Riverdark website and one for the Slipstream campaign and game world.

Now I'm pretty worn down. Lots of cleaning, sysadmin stuff, getting my car all fixed up nice and new-like, and so on. I think it's time to go find dessert somewhere!
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