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Spring Cleaning

Well, in addition to work-stuff today, I dropped Skuld off at the dealer early this morning. Unfortunately, one of the parts they need to use won't be in until Monday, but they finished all the other work and changed Skuld's oil. Friday, Skuld will spend some time being pampered at the auto equivalent of a spa -- a nice detailing shop -- and then will go back to the dealer's service center to await the final touches on Monday.

Alas, a weekend without my Beetle!

Beyond that and work-stuff, I also got into a spring cleaning mode today. After having built the shelves yesterday and shelved many books, today I decided to tackle some of the rest of the house. I hung up another picture, and I tidied up the living room as best I could. I took out all the trash and recycling.

And then I went berserk. I found all the stray towels and linens in the house and washed them. I organized the shelves in the laundry room. I washed and put away all the dirty dishes, unpacked remaining dishes which hadn't been gotten out since we moved, washed them and put them away, re-organized the kitchen cabinets, cleaned the counters, cleared all the stuff off of the dining room table, did a bit of decorating and organizing in the kitchen, and so on.

I'm sore beyond words, but it's a good sort of sore. I've also come up with some guidelines to /keep/ the kitchen clean and organized. There's still boxes and loose stuff around, and I still need two more bookshelves (at least) to unpack the rest of my books, but overall the house is really starting to look more and more like a HOUSE, and less like a collection of boxes of stuff piled around. Still has a way to go, but I'm happy with the outcome so far.

Whew! Time to take a nice hot shower to try and loosen sore muscles, then go to bed.
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