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FF Sparks (Casual)


Got up a little earlier than usual and took Skuld in to the dealer. They're going to fix the instrument cluster (my 'reserve gas tank' light is malfunctioning), replace the fog light that burned out, and do the 15k tuneup and give it an oil change. They might not finish today, but when they're done, Skuld will get handed off to Karmichael's Detailing, and they'll deep-clean everything, wash the windows, touch up everything, and generally make it all newish again.

I'm still achey from yesterday, though. Moved lots of boxes, built bookshelves, unpacked books, etc. I've realized I need two more of the big bookshelves to handle the last of the books, so I'll have to get those another time and set them up, but then I should be good for all my books being nice and organized, all unpacked, and the storage closet downstairs can be used for stuff other than book storage. :)


I've heard horror stories about the labor cost of replacing those fog lamps -- this is why my burnt-out one hasn't been replaced. I'm curious what yours ends up being.
10-year warranty. Foglight replacement cost = $0

Pfft. I'm not even keeping mine for 10 years. Although my lease is up in October -- thinking of going to a Jetta. Then I'll have the longer warranty!

Hee. At least tell me the hours of labor on it once you get it back ;)