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FF Sparks (Casual)


Whew! Built two bookshelves, unloaded many of my books onto them. Now I have a nice big desk (albeit with a nightmare of wiring underneath it) and two nice shelves which perfectly fit in with everything. Unfortunately, I am a sucky photographer, so the photos don't nearly do this justice, BUT...

Here's my desk, with the monitor tuned to buzzword (my Windows box) and pixel (the Macintosh powerbook) just running as a spare browser machine and stereo. (The monitor, keyboard/mouse, and speaker system can be swapped between Pixel and Buzzword independently. My cellular phone, printer, and a whole slew of networking stuff can be seen, too. Still, my desk is not that cluttered, thankfully.

Here are the new shelves. The whiteboard was there before, and the shelves fit nicely around it. My musical keyboard now lives up there so it doesn't need to be propped against the wall when not in use, there are lots of nice books, the top shelf of the big bookshelf has a variety of bowls, archaeological fragments, and little lucky shrines on it, and has a light mounted above it. My swords are sitting next to the bookshelves, and I accidentally left the bathroom door slightly open when I took the picture... whups. :/

Anyway, I'm happy... I have many books, and my room is more organized and less cluttered now. Yay!


Beautiful! My kind of organization :)

Where'd you find the desk? I've been wanting to install a corner desk for ages now, but haven't been able to find anything suitable.

P.S. Nice PJs, or whatever those are :)
The desk was from Ikea, just like pretty much all my furniture. :)

And the 'PJs' are a bathrobe.