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Cleanup, General Stuff

So, Tuesdays have become the night that amezuki, bayushi and I get together for dinner. Last night, we finally went to Tokyo Garden, the little hole-in-the-wall sushi/teriyaki place I like. They don't have the widest selection, they're not remotely 'classy,' but the food is excellent, the portions are huge, and it's inexpensive because they're catering to broke, starving college students. Apparently, the assessment is that Tokyo Garden is still one of the best sushi/teriyaki places around, especially for the price. This brings the total dinner excursion places to Ruzhen (Mongolian grill), Pagliacci (Seattle's signature greaseball pizzeria) and Tokyo Garden. Next week, we'll probably hit Hunan Wok. It's across the lake and out of the way, but the food is the best Chinese I've ever encountered.

It's nice, because it means I always get out of the house on Tuesdays. I'm... well, anyone who knows me knows that I'm not good at putting aside work. I'll sit at my desk working on work code, then stop, work on something else for someone else after work hours, work on work-code late into the evening when it comes up, etc. I can sometimes go for a week or more without getting out and about, so knowing that I'll get out that one evening is nice. Plus, socializing with people who you don't live with is always nice, too.

Other than that, however, I've been probably steadily pushing myself towards burnout. Something I'm very good at occasionally doing, as dpassmor observed the other day. So I've decided to do a few things to 'pamper' myself. Admittedly, 'pamper' is an odd term in this case, but still!

I made an appointment to get Skuld (my Beetle) detailed so the interior will be all nice and clean and the car will be all shiny-polished and new-like once more. So I'll be taking Skuld in early tomorrow morning to the dealer for the 15k checkup, they'll hand her off to the detailer, and then I'll get to go back and pick up the Beetle either Thursday evening or sometime Friday.

I've also been cleaning up around the house over the past few days. I finished up the last straightening up of the downstairs bathroom and hung up the picture Jen and I found for it -- which, unfortunately, fits a little less well than I'd hoped, but still looks quite nice -- so we now have a bathroom in the downstairs hall which is, y'know, a /bathroom/ and not a storage room. I also did a little more straightening of the living room. I'm also trying to clear enough space that I can put together the bookshelves for my room and get that done, which would be wonderful. Maybe cleaning is silly -- and I hate to do it when I'm forced to -- but I love it when I choose to do it, especially since then I can sit down in a room that's all organized and clean and go 'whee, it looks like I'm an adult instead of a geeky bachelorette!'

Today, work stuff and sysadmin stuff aside, I did laundry. This is less exciting unless you realize the washer and dryer are in a laundry closet attached to the downstairs bathroom, so I was able to go get to the washer and dryer without having to edge around boxes and baskets and stuff. Also today went out to lunch with Jen for the first time in a long while; we went off to Ruzhen and had Mongolian grill, which was yummy. Then when I got home, I cleaned out as much as I could of the stuff in Skuld so that they'll have less to work around when it goes in for detailing. I'm going to go do a little more cleanup, I think, and then walk down to PCC just down the hill and pick up fixings for dinner, make some food as best I can.

This is also sort of my last quiet time for a little while. In a couple weeks, shadowfey will be visiting town, the traditional April Seattle visit. Not long after she leaves, I head back East again for a while to continue sorting through my grandmother's things. Then I come back, just in time for my birthday, my brother's birthday, leave again for a while, and then come back once more.

I'm still a bit tired, still tense in the shoulders, still kinda burned out overall, and still grieving more than I want to admit for my grandmother. But even with all that, it's nice to get away and do a few things which /aren't/ work, or sysadminning, or -- really -- which don't involve the computer at all. It's been a while since I had... heck, I hadn't even just gone driving for fun like I used to in Skuld for a long while.
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