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Random Update

So, last night, Kieri, Hannah and I all went out to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which was a rather enjoyable film. It was also nice to get out of the house for a while, since I've been couped up quite a bit, working at home and all. I've actually discovered that since I never drive anymore, I've let my car tabs expire... eek! Luckily, that's getting taken care of -- dad, a lawyer, has gotten me a little pass that lets you drive for three days, and tomorrow I'm going to go get the tabs renewed.

Today, I went out for a late lunch with amezuki and bayushi, as well as the tadlet. We didn't go anywhere too interesting this time -- just the Northgate food court -- but I picked up a DVD for Jen, Brent and I to watch this weekend, and we got Catsy and Jess set up with cellular phones to make their job hunting much much easier. Yay, pay-as-you-go plans which work with existing unused cellular phones! Anyway, now I'm about to head over to my parents' house for a little while and visit with the wolf. Oh, and my parents, too. ;) Meanwhile, Jen and Brent are about to head out for an NTN (National Trivia Network) night at one of the sports bars.

I apologize to folks who I've been sort of lackluster with; the past week and a half or so has really eaten my brain and energy and soul, so I've been simultaneously exhausted and bored when I /do/ have a few minutes free. I think I'm going to spend the weekend doing something fun -- like Galaxies, which I've only logged two hours on in the past week, or writing or watching DVDs or finding RP -- as energy permits.
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