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Idle List

The webcomics I read, in case people are looking for any.

  • Sluggy Freelance: 'nuff said.
  • Something Positive: Cynical humor, guaranteed to offend everyone at least once a'la South Part.
  • Angels 2200: in the year 2200 a virus has killed off most of the male population. Still embroiled in an interstellar conflict, the armed forces shakily re-form with an entirely female population. Follow the adventures of Icebreaker Squadron, the greenest of all the fighter squadrons, as they get used to the combat, military life, and each other.
  • Ban the Basics: Follow the adventures of the students of a school for young geniuses. Whether they're hacking government networks, writing the next Napster, or building attack death robots, or trying to purchase a country on eBay, their teachers have their hands full.
  • 9th Elsewhere: a young depressive writer is assigned a muse to help her better understand herself... but she's assigned the least competent muse in the department. Now Carmen and her muse Eiji are trapped in Carmen's subconscious, and unless she learns to understand herself better, they could be there for a very long while...

If you have particularly good webcomics you follow, feel feel to post links. There are a number of others I read sporadically, but these are some of my favorites. :)
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