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Death of a Dream

In the ongoing saga of the strange Mondays, such as the moving cheese and then our manager's demotion... our team's founder, Bjorn, the one who put together our team based on his vision of how things should be done, was shown the door. Rather abruptly. And moreover, our direct manager, David, was also let go. David shared Bjorn's vision.

Basically, Bjorn believed that every employee was a person and should be treated as such. That it made more sense to work 40 hours a week and not do overtime, thus preventing burnout, and produce a really good product... than burn-out while rushing something shoddy to market. That the key to building something good was learning from each other, working as a team, and building off each other's strengths. The team he put together were all people who shared his vision... and as a result, we had a lot of personal loyalty to Bjorn.

However, the company doesn't entirely buy into this. They're trying to take more traditional routes, after a change in management higher up the chain, and Bjorn butted heads with them a number of times to take our vision and beliefs higher up. That teams need to communicate well to make things that work together well, that timelines and such should be set by the people who have to keep them and not handed down from on high, etc. This made him a political force in the company, and made him a target. When Bjorn was cut down and demoted, David took up the fight along with him.

Now they're both gone. And upper management expects us to just sit here and continue to work? Screw that. Heck, we were in the middle of a planning meeting, and they just canned the people with some of the information we needed to actually finish planning! In fact, they hauled them out of the planning meeting and just *yoink* kicked them out of the building, didn't even let them come back to say 'goodbye' to us. Upper management said 'take a day to let it sink in'... our direct manager, the only one of Bjorn's trio left, says 'take that as permission to go home,' and I think I may do just that...!
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