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Last Night

So, the other day was kieri's birthday, and brent2005 and I took her out for dinner at Stella's. (Dinner was too filling for dessert, so she gets to pick her birthday dessert tonight.) Happy 25th, Jen! I think she's relatively happy with her presents so far.

Earlier in the day, however, I got together with amezuki who I hadn't seen since before he moved to Arizona, and met bayushi and the tadlet for the first time. We walked through Fremont, which is always fun; I need to get out and walk through my neighborhood more often, since I work from home.

A bit of background: Fremont is a very unique neighborhood. The neighborhood signs all read 'Welcome to Fremont, Center of the Universe!' One Fremont resident found a statue of Lenin which had been pulled down, while in the former Soviet Union, and bought it bring it back and put it into one of Fremont's little parks. There's a decommissioned missile standing in one traffic circle with 'FREMONT' painted on the side. At the end of my block, under the bridge, there's a giant cement troll playing with a VW Beetle. It's traditional to dress up the statues in Fremont for special occasions (birthdays, national holidays... for Return of the King, someone dressed the statues of Waiting for the Interurban up as the Fellowship...) and the neighborhood is filled with all sorts of restaurants, stores, pubs, and funny little places to check out. (Including one of the best Greek restaurants in the city.)

Anyway, so we all walked through Fremont, and checked out the Fremont PCC (I hadn't actually been in since they moved to the new building), and bought a nice potato roll. We were looking for the old community posting board -- Help Wanted ads, cheap rooms for rent -- but it looks like it went away sometime when the move to the new building happened. Le sigh. Still, Catsy and Jess liked the store.

Then we walked back, and drove to the University District. (At this point, the tadlet was allowed a Gameboy to play with. Ironically, he later decided it was much more fun to watch me use the Gameboy Advance SP as a hand-puppet which tried to eat his fingers.) We headed over to Tokyo Garden, an old sushi/teriyaki hole-in-the-wall which I used to frequent and which Catsy had been to a few times. Tokyo Garden was pretty crowded, though, so we went up the street a little way and popped into Ruzhen, a really good Mongolian Grill place which Jen and I frequent for lunches.

Anyway, it was fun. It was nice to get out of the house for a little while -- lord knows normally the only times I do it anymore are when I'm headed somewhere with Jen and Brent, or going somewhere for family stuff.
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