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It's a gorgeous, warm, sunny day in Seattle.

This sucks for one particular reason; my third-floor bedroom windows face east and south...and most of the houses around us are only two-story, so I have nothing blocking my sunlight to the east. I like to leave the blinds up so that I can see the nighttime skyline and so that the morning light will wake me up, and with the windows open slightly so that if it rains I can smell the rain as I sleep. (Yes, I'm a Seattle girl.)

Unfortunately, with the sunny days lately, this means my room traps all that nice morning sunlight. So I get up, and my room -- especially the corner where my desk is, and the side of the bed closer to the desk -- is about a zillion degrees, like wading through a physical wall of heat. So I end up doing my morning code with the blinds mostly-closed instead of enjoying my view, and quietly praying that the heat goes down soon.

Still, it really is a beautiful day, and watching the sunlight reflect off Lake Union and off the skyscrapers of downtown is beautiful. I think I'm going to take a walk this afternoon if the weather stays nice! Might even go over to my parents' house and pick up the dog to take him for a walk. (Or rather, be taken for a walk by him.)
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