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FF Sparks (Casual)

Squid Eye for the Human Guy

This will probably only make sense to Star Wars Galaxies players...assuming it makes sense at all. brent2005 is playing Eetzaat Raahp, a Mon Calimari (the squidy-fishy race) with hot pink skin, who runs around without a shirt. (No one ever said Brent was normal.) He's been accused of playing a 'flaming gay squid.' This, of course, started this insane idea.

Imagine five Mon Calimari, dressed fashionably. One would be a Master Chef (cuisine), one would be a Master Tailor (couture), one would be a Master Artisan (interior design), one would be a Master Performer (culture), and one would be an image design person (grooming). The Fab Fish would go around finding other players on Galaxies and making them over -- getting them more fashionable clothing, restyling their hair, redoing their houses. It'd be Squid Eye for the Human Guy.

dpassmor says the Empire would hunt them down and kill them. Hrmph.


That is almost a good enough reason for me to buy the game!
*laughs!* You know, I can so see you doing one of the Fab Fish, Martin.
The names of the Fish have to be bastardized versions of the names of the guys on the show :)
Caien, Taehd, Jaey, Tohm, Kharsun...
(Kayan, Ted, Jai, Thom, Carson)

So... When do we do this? ;)
This actually made me laugh aloud at work! :)
The Fab Fish could even screenshot their exploits and write up narration, then post them on a website...! :)
Hehehe. I think it's great and pretty damn funny to boot. :p

They have "guilds" and all sorts of silly organizations in tons of online RP games so why not SWG? You could hold events to raise money so you could actually fund these things or heck, I dunno how easy getting sponsors would be but there's always that too.
Oh, SWG has guilds.

Really, it's a silly idea, since you'd have to take the time to level up what was essentially a 'joke' character, and you'd have to have four other people who'd go along with you on it, and then you'd have to find players who'd go along with it.

Mostly, I just posted this in hopes of giving folks a laugh or two. But it'd be funny to take screenshots of the whole 'episode' of 'Squid Eye for the Human Guy' and putting them on a webpage. :)
I think it would be an nifty idea nonetheless, but pictures would rock as well.
Better as a late-night TV show, but still gameable... the escapes from the Empire could be part of the fun!
I think you should do it. Just because it'd be amusing.
His character concept is 'Dr. Zoiberg meets FARK cliché'... yep, that's Brent. :)
I've never seen Queer Eye... but I'd be ALL about this! Man, I wanna play SWG even more now! *dies*
...oh dear god.
You're just jealous that I thought of it first. ;)

The fish, the myth, the TRAP!

Re: The fish, the myth, the TRAP!