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FF Sparks (Casual)

This video clip (2.3 megabytes) is so, so very wrong...

EDIT: jacobine tracked down some info which is that this clip was not actually ever broadcast, and on the origins of the clip.


Aww.. you missed out on HR PuffNStuff. Now that was so bad it was good. :)

Check out my recent post about an animation that should never have been made.
...you win, that's scarier.
HR PuffNStuff is the scariest thing I've ever seen. A friend of mine bought one of the DVDs. So very scary.
You could put those characters into Myriad! ;)

...of course, it'd probably take a week before every character in every other storyline and setting teamed up on a mutual pact to eradicate the scary puppets...
Aiee! The Living Island its inhabitants have no place on Myriad, let alone television. ;)