Rachel "Sparks" Blackman (seattlesparks) wrote,
Rachel "Sparks" Blackman

Bleary Meme'ing

I think I caught my aunt's flu while I was in Philadelphia. (On about Friday morning, aunt Sally came down with some nasty flu; she had a horrible sore throat for a day or so, and by mid Saturday she was running a fever of 100.6 degrees.) I didn't sleep too well night before last, and yesterday evening I started having a really nasty sore throat. Couldn't sleep last night at all because of it. I'm working on my third mug of honeyed tea, and I can actually swallow again, but my voice is still scratchy and my throat still hurts. Grumph. Scott actually thought a test of a voice-chat system was broken because he could barely hear me! I kinda wish I had a stronger immune system sometimes. Don't have a fever, though!

Anyway, taking a moment from code for meme-age, with this whole 'what did you post one year ago/two years ago' and so on. One year ago today, I was posting about my new job and that I'd just gotten DSL install confirmation after the multi-month downtime we'd had after moving. Two years ago today was a nonsensical post about a discussion at the microchip company where I then worked. My journal is bland!
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