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FF Sparks (Casual)

General Updates

It's been a while since I've posted. Not too much has happened in my life in general. Been doing work, as always.

Jen, Brent and I decided to give a chance to an anime series (it's funny, I think I've watched more anime since we started to move from the old house than I had in the entire /year/ previous) called Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi. It's from Gainax, the folks who made FLCL and Evangelion, which we figured meant it would be completely incomprehensible. It's funny... first of all, the entire thing is in Kansai dialect, which takes me back -- I lived in Osaka when I was in Japan, which is one of the places Kansai is spoken -- and it was interesting to hear Kansai idiom that I hadn't heard since I was a kid. As for the anime itself... it takes place in part of Osaka which is being redone for urban development, and Abenobashi Shopping Arcade -- a collection of small shops along little allies -- is gradually dissolving. Two children who are lifelong friends -- Sasshi, the son of the family that runs the bathhouse, and Arumi, the daughter of the family who run the French restaurant -- are enjoying their last summer together before Arumi and her family move away.

Yet there's something unusual and even supernatural about Abenobashi, and Sasshi and Arumi become unstuck in reality, traveling to a different incarnation of Abenobashi every episode, filled with familiar people but yet extremely different. A fantasy Abenobashi, where they have to defeat a demon in a video-game-like quest, a science fiction Abenobashi where they must fight on the shopping-arcade-space-station with giant robots, a Hong Kong straight out of martial arts action films, a film noir world where a gang based out of a French restaurant in Abenobashi town is amassing a fortune based on smuggling snails against the escargot prohibition, and so on. Each world has its own rules and way of operating, and Sasshi and Arumi have to sort each out and find the goblin of that market, who can transport them to the next world. Along the way, they keep encountering two people who they did not know from the arcade back at home, and who seem to be traveling world-to-world in connection with the arcade as well. It's surreal, but actually kinda fun to watch. So we have another series that Jen, Brent and I can all agree on, to add to Angelic Layer and Last Exile.

In more sober news, tomorrow morning I leave for Philadelphia for a while, to go back for my grandmother's memorial service and to help sort through all her things. It's been weighing on me a bit over the past few days, pulling me down. I sort of managed to blank out that my grandmother is truly gone for a while, but now, preparing to go back for the memorial, suddenly makes it all that much more real; I'll walk into the house in Wynnewood, and grandma won't be there. It's made me... not depressed, but just sort of subdued and perhaps a bit apathetic. I'm hoping that after the memorial -- after I have a chance to say my final goodbyes -- I'll be able to move on more readily and not be so unsteady emotionally over all this.

There's an emptiness inside me whenever I realize I'll never speak to grandma again, never talk about whatever books we've been reading lately, never just sit there and enjoy each other's company. And I've buried it lately in all sorts of things -- coding, writing, RP, watching ludicrous anime with Jen and Brent -- but it never quite goes away.


You talk to her all the time in your heart and in your mind. And I'm sure she answers you. That is the true immortality. To live on in the thoughts and love of those whose lives you've touched.
I met some of the dubbed voice actors for AL and MSA. *grin* First names Monaco (high squeaky voice), Chris and... Greg? Don't remember. Was an amusing bunch tho.
Hold on to those memories. Just reading all the good times you've shared with your grandmother has made me smile even though hearing of her loss has made me feel for you. *Hugs*