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Regicide and Unrest

Well, the past two days on Outremer have definitely been something. Last night, while most of the Guards were at a charity event, someone murdered Achard XII, the king of Ardainne. No one trusts anyone; the Immortals (the King's private guard) are apparently keeping to themselves, the Escort (the Queen's private guard) are rushing about madly on something, and the Guards (the church's army) are very carefully making certain we hold enough strategic locations to stop riots if they start. Rumors are many and varied; Achard disinherited his son Blaise, the crown prince, with his dying breath... the estranged Queen had Achard assassinated... foreigners from Albion were behind it, because of the religious differences between the nations... all sorts of rumors.

Today, Floris was part of the group guarding one of the main bridges in Arden, with his friend Michel (recently promoted to officer rank during the crisis) as the ranking officer on site. Over the course of the day, we arrested a Baron, allowed the Queen's coach to pass (some things, you just don't want to ask for that much trouble), got into quite a few arguments with Escorts passing back and forth, and -- on Michel's order -- I shot the brother of a rather powerful Countess who seemingly tried to sneak past the checkpoint. So the city is in unrest, several riots broke out but were quelled today, plots and scheming and frantic manuevering are the norm... and Michel and Floris are definitely in the doghouse right now, and I fully expect a rather serious duel challenge from House Rais shortly.

I've not had so much fun with RP for quite some time! This is great. :)
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