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FF Sparks (Casual)

Extreme Examples

The arrest of Ryan Anderson is a local story which has made national news. What gives me pause is that in the articles I've read, Anderson apparently voiced a number of things which seem, at first glance, rational. Quotes like his fear that the war in Afghanistan would be used to rob citizens of their personal rights, those are very similar to things many people voice anyway.

Now, I do think Anderson's guilty of what he's accused of, and I think he was unstable to begin with; bluerain's LJ post is evidence enough of that. (rain_luong is David Craig Simpson, a political cartoonist out here in Washington state, who went to school with Spc. Anderson. D.C. Simpson is also, for those who might wonder where they've heard the name, the author of webcomic Ozy and Millie)

But what makes me wonder is... in such a politically charged atmosphere, where people /are/ trading such heated accusations (even if I happen to think many of the accusations about personal liberties being eroded are /accurate/), are we pushing people who are already a little unstable towards the edge and making such bizarre/bad decisions as to think that al-Quida is actually a viable alternative?

Anyway. Just mostly caffeine-deprived rambling.


That sort of thing always happens. The only difference with this
guy is that he's *stupid*, and he got caught.

I guarantee you we had al Queda spies in the military long before
9-11. Some of which are probably still operative *now*. Just
like we've had russian spies, chinese spies, probably even swedish
spies for all I know. Maybe the chefs. ;)

The motivations always vary, whether it's for money, settling a grudge,
or ideological weirdness as it is in this guy's case, but people like
him are an omnipresent fixture in the world, regardless of the climate.
They just get a little more popular during wartime, since their
'services' are in more demand.

Probably a more interesting and important question to ask would be,
how hard and how bad is al Queda pushing for insiders to come out to
them, and what are they offering those who do?