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Today's Amusing Quote

Darel seems to turn this proposition over in his mind. "Very well! I don't think this tavern will be able to suit my needs, but I've no doubt my culinary creations will dazzle your tastebuds. A legendary gastronome such as myself has to be able to improvise!" And so he storms into the kitchen, already shoving hat and cloak into the hands of a stunned cook's assistant. A crash of pots and pans indicates that the head chef has been overtaken by force. "Fetch me your finest red! And where is the pork?!" can be heard.

Floris d'Waymel watches the kitchen door, slightly dumbfounded, until he winces at the crashing noise that heralds the defeat of the head chef. "Tell me, Viscountess," he comments offhandedly. "Do you think assault with culinary intent counts as a violation of the city peace?"
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