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FF Sparks (Casual)

Outremer First Evening

For my first night on Outremer, I nearly got into a duel, had it disarmed, had to buy drinks for everyone, made a somewhat tentative friend in another Company (scandal!) while arguing with said person, saw someone actually give a grievous insult to my rival within our own Company -- enough so that everyone (including the lieutenant I nearly dueled earlier) was utterly stunned, convinced he'd be run through -- and offered to stand as said rival's Second in a proper duel.

So I've made uneasy friends with the lieutenant of a rival Company, paid for a round of drinks, been part of a philosophical debate, and witnessed a huge insult delivered to one of my fellow Guardsmen and been selected to stand as Second in an upcoming formal duel between Viscount Ethan n'Villenueve and Cavalier Michel d'Amirault.

Not bad for a first night! And it's really good to get into some form of RP again. I've not really RP'd in far, far too long.