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One of those days...

So, I nearly miss my bus. Get to work in time for an early meeting, only to find out that the people who called the meeting aren't there yet.

Half of what we need to work on is blocked, waiting for information or specifications from other people. The other half is all less-important stuff, which we shouldn't spend time on until the more-critical stuff is done. So some of our team gets to sit here on our thumbs.

We had our Japanese investors here today, and thankfully I didn't mess up when they wanted to talk to our team, and my Japanese was even in practice enough to give them a break from English. But as soon as they left, I dissolved into coughing again; one of my coworkers had a cold and has infected the rest of us because he refused to stay home. And we only developed symptoms today while at work... whee!

And then, to truly top off this wonderous day, one of the silly little plastic fasteners on my bra (for tightening or loosening the straps) got caught in the sweater-knit turtleneck pullover I'm wearing today, so when I reached up to get something it pulled the edge of the little plastic piece and *snap*... took the strap with it!

So I'm sitting here at my desk, coughing and sniffling and red as my hair, trying hard not to move around too much and hoping I can put on my coat and go home soon. And my self-appointed big-sister Theo is helpfully chatting with me and giving me mental images of asking the cute co-worker I have a crush on to 'stand in' for the snapped bra ("Oh, Ralph...I'm only a B-cup, I'm sure you can hold me" sort of comments), which is not helping this blush fade! Stop it!!

I wanna go HOME!!!!
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