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Haiku Tickets

My entry into the Speakeasy trouble ticket system:
Circuit shows it's up,
No packets reach the gateway.
Modem light taunts me.

Ping packets go out,
Seeking missing upstream.
Bytes into the void.

Qwest says 'up Friday!'
After dialup for three weeks?
Not holding my breath.

(Downtime haiku! I figure, whatever poor tech is stuck reading this might as well get a laugh.)

A following update by the tech...
Rachel called to report that her circuit is synced. I do not see that the network path is provisioned through the covad network, and e2e pings fail. Please check the network provisioning, and escalate with ILEC for confirmation of SOC. Thank you.
DSL is green
ILEC has until tonight
we must wait for them

updated vendor
they will try to help us soon
maybe it will work
Haiku is fun, but yours are better.

Thank You,
Speakeasy Advanced Support
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