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FF Sparks (Casual)

The light at the end of a tunnel? It's a Qwest maintenance truck.

So. I just found out why my DSL has been down.

The nice folks at Qwest took my move order -- submitted in December -- and somehow reactivated it. Thus, on 1/21/2004, they turned off my DSL, and waited for me to give them my new address. Except, no one told me this. And they forgot to mark this on the account. So it took them two weeks of allowing lazyass the incompetent technician to fuck around with DEACTIVATED EQUIPMENT before they realized 'oh, hey, we turned that off, didn't we?'

So now they've re-ordered my line from Qwest. Again. And I'm in the freakin' install queue. Again.

How the hell do these people remain in BUSINESS?!


One word. Monopoly.

Covad doesn't get them nearly as much revenue leasing dry copper as they do doing the whole DSL thing. So they get screwed, thinking you'll get disgusted and go with them instead.

Definitely call the PUD on this. They have a long track record of this kind of deliberate mistake, and they need their balls busted on it. I know it's not your style, but it needs doing. For everyone who has to work with them.
Switch to cable.
I like the switch to cable idea, too. Plus, you /can/ get some static IPs with it. At least with mine you can.

That said.. gah. You'd think they'd move you to the front, since it was their mistake! I never thought I'd say it, but SBC has been really good to me -- at the last apartment, when they didn't get my phone line working the way it was supposed to (because they'd managed to link my line with something else, and the old line was evidently never properly turned off or something) when I called they sent someone out on a Saturday. AND he did some wiring inside for me to fix my second line.
Because they are QWEST, one of the worst companies in america. That is why. There is a reason why they have been sued several times for crappy customer service. QWEST is number 2 on my list of worlds crappiest companies. The number one is the company I work for (as of today, they knocked off QWEST from a long-standing placement of #1).
I've had nothing but headaches deaing with QWEST