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FF Sparks (Casual)

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Zang! Who is that, skulking along the plains! It is Seattlesparks, hands clutching gilded boxing gloves! She roars mightily:

"I'm seriously going to hack into your brain, and type rm -rf !!!"

Find out!
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Scarily appropriate, that one. Can I do it to Qwest technicians?

Yes, boys and girls, that's right. My two weeks of DSL outage on a SoHo small business account (I did NOT get residential DSL, because it was used for telecommuting and I wanted it classified as such) does not count as 'high priority' to Qwest, because 'high priority' is apparently reserved for outages over a month in length, according to the note the technician gave the guy at Speakeasy. This note also apparently asked that he not ask for further status updates or try to escalate the matter, and stated that he'd hear more when the technician 'had more to say.'

I am Displeased.


As well you should be. Is there any way that you can change your service? Or complain bitterly?

Since you all are without internet, I say this is the perfect time to start a letter writting campaign. Just write them many, many, many, many letters asking for updates and complaining about the service.

Although, that could backfire I suppose.

I really hope that mess gets cleared up for you guys soon. :/ Twilight is so durned quiet right now. Sigh.


I'd love to swap service... except for one problem. Speakeasy has given me great service, and this is not their fault. And Qwest controls all the phone circuits in the Seattle area; I can go to other providers for my phone service, but the actual circuit has to still be leased from Qwest (just as is the case with Covad DSL to Speakeasy). On top of which, if I changed to cablemodem, which is the only way to avoid Qwest, we'd lose all our static IPs, which I like having. On top of which, the cable jack is on the first floor, and my office -- and me -- are on the third. So I'd have to do some creative wiring.

As for Twilight, yeah. You should join up with Slipstream when I have it ready, though! The other two of the Three Witches have confirmed interest, as have Dave and Nick, so we actually have a fair chunk of the old group. :)


Isn't that stuff kind of illegal? Like, a monopoly or something? Or do they get around those rules because there are other companies, they just have to go through them? I never have been very good with that kind of stuff.

Seriously though.. I would want to be calling someone to get this taken care of. The old saying, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease," is true to a point. :/

As for slipstream- I'm still reading the handbook and was gonna wait to post to say anything until I was done- But... well, Count me in if you'll have me. ;) It sounds like its gonna be a load of fun, with an excellent group of people. Whee. :D


Nope, it's not illegal at all. Other companies are perfectly free to erect their own telephone/data lines to your house, it's just that there's no profit in doing so. So instead, the FCC mandated that all phone companies who run lines to house allow them to be leased to competitors. It's worked like that for long-distance - your long distance provider pays your local provider a cut of their sales in exchange for using their lines. Same with local telephone and internet access. It's only illegal if a local provider doesn't want to let other companies use their lines - in this example, if Qwest were to disallow SpeakEasy or Earthlink from providing DSL over their lines.

Works the same way in cable, by the way. I dislike Time Warner Cable, so I'm signed up with Earthlink. But if something breaks, TWC's truck's outside the door, not Earthlink's, because Earthlink only provides the customer service and the servers; TWC is still providing the "last mile" service to my house, just like Qwest provides the "last mile" service to seattlesparks'.
Ohmigod, I would be enraged!!! I don't see how you've been so calm this far even. I'd be writing letters, making phone calls, and reporting them to the BBB. That's ridiculous! Especially that techs attitude!


What is the state/federal service level requirement?

In any case, tell them you're going to file a complaint with the PUCO/FCC and see how fast they get you fixed.
That's the problem with DSL overall, is that it's not really a business service even when it says it is. The only thing you can do to get telco's attention is get frac-T1 or some other data-only type of line. And that gets expensive in a hurry.

I think perhaps a call to the state PUD or whatever they call the regulatory body around here that handles telephones is in order. Alternatively, the media might be interested in this, if you're willing to have your mug on the evening news...

I like the battle cry... perhaps a few computers at Qworst could use that?


Unfortunately, I'm not certain this isn't a single Qwest technician being a snot, so I don't want to escalate it to public media outcry unless I get like, a written notice from Qwest confirming this. But I'm talking to John at Speakeasy about options, and if Qwest keeps toying around on this, he'll help me come up with solutions.


If it is a single tech being a snot, then he needs his ticket punched... but you're not going to be able to do it from this level, you're going to have to go outside the chain of command.

Besides, Qworst has a reputation for this sort of bovine scatology; a little regulatory heat will not hurt things one bit.
At this point, I'd be calling Qwest directly and demanding to speak to a manager, specifically your tech's manager, and raising hell. I'd escalate anyway. Screw him.


Sounds good to me.
My battlecry came out to be: "I'm seriously going to beat you so utterly, Buddha will explode!" - which is appropriate, considering the sock I wore.

Qwest sucks. Never heard a single good thing about their customer service. Of course, you tend to see that as companies get bigger, don't you?