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FF Sparks (Casual)

Ann Coulter Talking Doll

This is one of the scariest things I've ever seen. At first I thought it was a joke, but then I looked over the rest of the site and realized it...er, isn't.


That's just plain bizarre. I'm a conservative, never could understand why people follow that woman, nor Rush for that matter.


Clearly you're not an ultraconservative. There are degrees to these things. :)

There's a Bush one of those floating around somewhere, too.

Re: Different Dolls

Yeah, Navy Bush, celebrating the fall of the Iraqi goverment.

My brother still has his Al Gore doll. Ahh, election seasons, ya just gotta love them.

Re: Different Dolls

Al Gore doll? Does it say 'I invented pants?'


I'm with you on that. I'm moderate-leaning-conservative... and I don't understand them either.

Granted, Rush provided us with some great heckling in college, and some wonderfully funny debates between my green-party roommate and another friend who was a ditto-head.
Aw, now come on guys...who wouldn't want to just take up that cute little blond and snuggle her to death? I mean, she's saying such /nice/ things!



I want a Rush Limbaugh doll who says, "Drug abuse is not a problem which should be treated, but should be punished!" and comes with a little bottle of painkillers. ;)


What really got me about Rush - I was listening to his program while on the way home from the store on one of my Snow Days. He was reading an article about how more people were addicted to OTC drugs than ever before and...get this...
Started haranguing his listeners for having addictions!

I think that ranks #1 on "most hypocritical moments in history."


Man. I dunno about #1, but definitely in the top 5.