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FF Sparks (Casual)


I have decided that Qwest and Covad are not telecommunications companies, but telemiscommunication companies.

So yesterday, Covad finally finished their work on my line (after a week!) to try and get the DSL back up, but we found that there's still a problem on Qwest's side. Today, Qwest was supposed to do their work, but may not have the parts they need. Then I hear they can get the part in question.

So this morning, they apparently started work, discovered they didn't have the right part after all, and my phone -- like, dial-tone phone -- was dead for a little while until the Speakeasy folks caught on and harassed Qwest to put at least my normal voice line together again.

I would like to note that in the more than a week since my DSL unexpectedly went dead, Speakeasy has responded to every request or note within fifteen minutes. Covad and Qwest both blamed the other for it. Over the course of one day, they did actually finally do work, replacing the splitter card and all sorts of other stuff, but it didn't fix it. Then there was about a week before Covad actually provided any updates other than "it'll be back up in four hours" (given repeatedly for several days). And now Qwest has not only managed to delay things, but to temporarily shut off the one telecommunication service I /did/ have.

It's like watching the Three Stooges run a phone company.


The sad part is, at least for Qworst's part, this is business as usual when working with Covad. Do anything you can to obstruct Covad's getting a line in properly.

When I ordered my line in Renton, they (deliberately, I believe) pulled the line to the wrong building. Then put us back in the back of the line to get the new line pulled, blaming Covad.

Fortunately, once the line was up, it stayed that way.... but, yeah, the one downside of going with Speakeasy is gods help you if you move, as this is typical. Not of Covad; I hadn't heard of *them* giving the run-around before... but Qworst? Hellyeah. *hurls invective in their direction that would make a sailor blanch*

We did this dance a couple years ago with Mindspring, Covad, and GTE. All three of them blamed each other, and it took a couple weeks before it was all straightened out - and in the process, we lost Covad entirely, ended up on Mindspring DSL, and had hellish slow service.

This is why we now have a cablemodem. :)


Yeah. Uh, ask kieri someday about our experiences trying to sign up for AT&T@Home back in the old apartment, which drove us to DSL in the first place. ;)
Think about it. The company name is Qwest - obviously they don't care about 'u'.
I've dealt with Qwest for 6 years, back when they were still LCI and were using us as a 'subcontractor' for support and bandwidth. They've always sucked.
Although Qwest is only recently here, I've heard similar horror stories from friends in Colorado. They have a really bad track record.
I think I'm lost. I know who Qwest is, and I know who Speakeasy is, but I've never heard of Covid, and I don't quite get what the relation between Qwest and Covid is.

Speakeasy and one other company, I could understand, but two?