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Brilliant Insomniac Moneymaking Scheme

So, I'm laying here, trying to find a position where my sinuses are not suffocating me, and I finally get up to get online and check e-mail because, in a sitting position, it's not quite so bad. And then I get this absolutely brilliant idea for a way to make millions of dollars.

Nasal vacuums: stuff a little tube up your nose into your sinus, turn on the vacuum, and schlorp, all the mucus is gone. It would make a fortune during cold or allergy seasons! Plus, if my current nasal state is any indication, you could also reclaim the contents of the vacuum, to be marketed as either super-glue or some sort of industrial sealant. Thus adding a second revenue source!

Or perhaps I am simply going mad due to lack of oxygen because my nasal passages have evidently been sealed with some sort of organic epoxy.
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