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Still no DSL...

My DSL is still down. The Speakeasy folks and I are trying to laugh over it, but everyone's at a loss as to why. Qwest and Covad each blame the other. Argh.

On the plus side, iLife '04 arrived and has been providing some distraction from my otherwise bleah and mopey mood.

Garage Band is a lot of fun, though it'd admittedly be more fun if I had a midi keyboard to actually enter melody other than by hand with. Garage Band, for those who don't know, is the latest addition to Apple's iLife suite (iLife being the suite of digital editing stuff, for photos and movies and DVDs and now music). Just like iMovie is a scaled-down version of Apple's Final Cut professional editing software, and iDVD is a scaled-down version of their DVD Studio professional DVD composition software, Garage Band is a scaled-down version of Apple's Soundtrack professional sequencing software. Like their professional counterparts, all the iLife stuff plugs together to interoperate, but it's $50 for a box of all of them instead of however many hundreds it would cost for the professional counterparts.

It's hands down the most powerful music tool I've yet worked with, though, which is a nice surprise. It's a MIDI sequencer (a'la Cakewalk et al), loop editor (a'la Acid, eJay, etc.) AND a live performance editing toolset all in one. You can combine digital loops, live performance feed (or recordings thereof) and midi all in a single song using a coherent, single interface.

Jen and I played with it a bit tonight, and came up with a couple songs. When I have DSL back and can actually, y'know, transfer files and stuff, I'll toss the songs from "Trial Mix" (no, that's not a typo, but a deliberate pun) up for folks to glance at. None of them are spectacular, but they're not bad for learning a new sequencing program and not having a MIDI keyboard again yet. Right now, there's four songs; two I did myself as solos (Trial Mix, Melancholy), two Jen and I did together (Shake It!, Latin for Beginners).

Since, at this rate, it's looking like DSL won't be back until next week (*whimper*) do not expect to see me online this weekend. I just dialed in to post this journal entry 'cause I'm all insomniac.

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