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FF Sparks (Casual)

Noderunner Status

Snafu's back up. Neither I nor the ServerMatrix folks are sure why it went down, but they're going to watch it.


How much do you pay for colo at ServerMatrix? Do you pay per rack unit and for bandwidth?
Sent you more detailed info. For anyone else who cares, the colocation fees for ServerMatrix -- they support 1U-4U rackmount servers, as well as towers of all sizes -- are as follows. I actually went with leased servers because I like the managed hosting, but if I ever buy a MacOS X Server Xserve (drooool), I'll ship it off to ServerMatrix to stick in a rack. ;)

100GB/month traffic - $50/month
200GB/month traffic - $100/month
500GB/month traffic - $150/month
1TB/month traffic - $200/month

Their dedicated leased servers also come with bandwidth, and have really nice included managed hosting options. I've been with ServerMatrix for several months now, and I've really enjoyed the experience.