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FF Sparks (Casual)

Ooooooh! Preeeeetty! *.*

Can I have one of these? *drool*


No. :) Boats are holes in the water that you must continually throw money into to keep yourself from being consumed.

Trust me -- my family has boats, or peridiocally had boats. They are great sinking pits of despair, misery and woe. This is completely not worth the occasional Happy that going out every month or two brings.
How about if I also get enough money to have someone else take care of the boat for me? :D

Besides, wouldn't it be fun to have friends like FJ and Brent over, and just go out on a boat like that for a sleepover campout party with local folks like Nini-Jen?
Are you seriously considering buying a boat from a dude named 'bigmombo'? :>

On the other hand, you could be halfway to being able to say 'I am Wachel J. Bwackman, I own a mansion and a yacht' if you pick this one up.