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Move Update

So, the move's been interesting so far. :)

The snow DID return to melting, though there was still slush and ice all through yesterday's move. Qwest, who had said they'd turn off the line and swap it over at 5:00pm, turned it off and swapped it over at 10:00am. Ack! Oh, well.

The movers showed up, as did my friend and former co-worker from my games industry days, Chris Hedberg. Chris provided one more pair of hands and an extra car, and we got pretty much everything over to the new house. (Though right now, it's all stacked in boxes and all.) I still need to get a proper desk and a bureau, and we'll get a real, comfortable couch for the living room as opposed to the Lumpy, Ass-Eating Futon Of Death. The comfy psuedo-futon that wonderwombat usually sleeps on when visiting has moved to the second floor landing as a couch outside kieri's room.

Last night, we were all ready to sleep at 8:30pm, dead tired, but decided we needed to stay up a bit longer so we didn't wake up at, as Jen put it, "ass-crack-of-dawn early." So we all took showers and got into our pajamas, unfolded the second-floor-landing futon, grabbed blankets, and curled up there. My Powerbook, Pixel, was placed on a small table and I plugged in speakers...and we watched movies on Pixel. (Brent christened it the "Pixel Entertainment and Second-Floor-Landing Theaters present...") It was actually kind of fun; Pixel's got great video quality for playback, and it was sleepover-like. (And since our television and entertainment center are buried behind boxes, and we have no cable yet, and our DVD player and game systems are all boxed up as well anyway...well, it was the only entertainment we /had/.)

This morning we got up and managed to track down which of the 8(!) phone lines in the house left by the previous tenants was the one Qwest had turned on. Turns out to be a line that is only in my bedroom, no other room in the house, so we're going to need to talk to Qwest about that. Urgh. However, hopefully that can get cleared up soon.

So we came out to a coffeeshop -- the Seattle's Best Coffee in the University Village QFC -- and settled in with pastry and coffee to wake up (since all our food, plates, etc. are -- guess what? -- in boxes), and Jen picked up the Adkins Diet book. She's decided to do Adkins once we're unpacked, and has talked Brent and I into it for support. Through the simple method of saying 'So, if you're not doing this, that's okay; it's not my place to criticize if you want to be Fatty McFatty for the rest of your life and die of diabetes at age 30 after you go blind.' She's going into detail about all the things we can't have ("Enjoy that donut, it'll be your last ever." "No more coffee after we start, no caffeine!" "That's your last sandwich, remember; no bread after we start Adkins.") and so on. (No caffeine?! Waaah!) So, that'll be interesting.

Anyway, checked up on the servers, nothing broken, everything seems to be running. Whew! :)
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