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Xenosaga, Say What?, Huh?


So. I live in Seattle. Not an area known for snow, and when we do get it, not known for snow that sticks around. Tomorrow is the day Jen, Brent and I move. Many things are moved already, but the remaining things -- furniture, and the remaining boxes -- are awaiting professional movers tomorrow.

It's snowing. It's snowing, and sticking. There's about two inches of snow in our walkway. Our house is all boxed up, and we're sitting here watching the snow come down. In fact, we're watching the snow come down in increasingly large flakes, building up faster. And we're hoping it thaws by tomorrow morning.

Jen admitted that as she was about to leave work, she thought 'It's so cold, but it's dry...I wish we'd get some snow this year.'

Wish granted, apparently!


You never mentioned it didn't snow in Seattle! I'll have to stop applying to places there;).

But really, enjoy it, I love snow!
See, the thing is, it doesn't snow much in Seattle proper; our weather is very moderate. However, we're surrounded by lots of mountains. Big ones. Y'know, the ones with snow on top of them all year. And lots of ski runs and sledding hills. So you drive for about 40 minutes during the winter and you can /always/ find snow, but -- generally -- it doesn't muck up the city itself. :)