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FF Sparks (Casual)


Saddam Hussein was captured. Confirmation is tentative right now, but supposedly DNA testing confirmed the disguised, bearded man was in fact Saddam Hussein.

I guess now we'll see whether or not this marks the end of the war in Iraq...


Confirmation just happened; he's been caught.
It can't mark the end. We're tangled up there with no exit strategy. But hey, I'm sure we'll get yet another "yay, it's all over, go me I rock" speech, and then some more whining when the media persists in reporting yet more soliders dying on a nearly daily basis. Can't they just see the good we're doing, spreading democracy and bringing fire trucks? That's a much bigger story than some faceless soldiers.

no, no sarcasm here, why?
Speaking as a wife of a Marine who was over there and the sister of a soldier who IS over there right now, I assure you, they aren't faceless. They are determined and they--the ones who are dying--believe in what they are doing. My husband--who I was sure would declare that this was a mistake when he recently returned--only said that we should have gone in sooner.

You are correct in stating that we are in this for the long run. I think the capture of Saddam will eventually have a bearing on the stability of the country--it will take a few months but it will be positive.

I respect your views and I appreciate that you air them--it is vitally important to the well-being and diversity of our country. But do know that there are most likely more who support the current movement. The more pictures my husband sent back of the southern regions of the country over there, with the horrific housing, children with little clothing and no shoes and not much food, who had been living like this for years and years because they were Shiite...well, it changed my own views--even though I was raising a newborn at home by myself for months on end, constantly scared about my husband. And right or wrong, I keep thinking of all the people he killed or gassed over the years. Though the murder of innocents should have been the MAIN reason for our going in, it is the reason I support whole-heartedly. Perhaps if people were willing to stand up to the mass murder by dictators (in Africa, in Bosnia, in South America, in Germany in WW2), it would be less likely to happen.

Good god. Listen to me? Seriously, I respect your views and I'm glad to hear them--it helps me with perspective. I guess I just can't agree about this one. :)
Let me clarify a little... I wasn't opposed to the idea of going into Iraq, per se. What has me so angry is that we did so under false pretenses, alienated countries who could have helped us, and have no clear-cut exit strategy to get our men and women out of there safely without leaving a bigger mess than we went into. Saddam's regime was utterly despicable, and I am in no way taking anything away from the fact that we have brought good things into Iraq. My problem is that the whole thing smells like a publicity stunt to me, with lies and half-truths and Bush parading around in a flight suit declaring the war to be over when it has barely begun. It makes me angry that this is seems to be more about ratings and popularity, as well as economics and revenge, than it is about bringing peace and democracy to an oppressed nation, and that the politicians don't seem to care about those men and women who are over there (some of whom are friends and loved ones of myself and people I care about). My comment about firetrucks stemmed directly from comments made by a member of congress (I'm blanking on the details, but I'll dig it up if need be...) who was complaining that the media reported three new American deaths in Iraq instead of the delivery of some shiny new fire equipment, which was in his mind "the real story."

I've talked about this with my grandfather, who is a retired Air Force Lt. General, and his opinions (and those of his colleagues as he reports them) are similar to mine -- yes this was something which needed to be dealt with, but the way we have gone about it is so backwards as to be almost counter-productive. I am glad that the Iraqi people have a shot at a better life now, and I pray every day for peace in the region and the safety of our troops over there. I think I'd even be more okay with it if the administration was more realistic in their discussions of the situation, but all I hear from them is crowing, which I think is disrespectful and misleading.

Thank you very much for not flaming at me for my rather sarcastic and short-tempered outburst, I really appreciate it when everybody can air their views and agree to disagree as needed. I'm headed for medical school, and probably going to wind up taking a military scholarship when I do go, but I'm not there yet -- I'm trying not to be one of these people who babbles about duty when they've never served, my sincere apologies if it comes across that way. :/ Bless you and your husband and family for being the ones who are willing to go out there and do this, to put your own lives in harm's way.
Yeah, I'm just hoping I didn't sound like a jackass inflammatory person either. ;) I agree about the false pretenses. I really would have preferred the reasoning being the multitude of utterly horrendous civil rights violations and his blatant misuse of the Oil for Food money. Absolutely. It is wrong the way things were gone about but at this point....

As for the military scholarship, I have a friend going to Tulane's med school this way. She adores both Tulane and her scholarship. She really enjoys her time in the military hospitals as well. If I didn't already have a kid and a husband who is out of the regular Marines, I would have gone for a military nursing scholarship myself.

So we're actually mostly on the same page--it was a long morning for me so I probably sounded sharper than I meant. I'm so used to internet types blindly railing against the war without good reasoning for their difficulties. Its refreshing to hear a reasoned out perspective. :)
No, you sounded completely reasonable! I felt bad when I read your response, because I figured I sounded exactly like one of those blindly railing types, and wanted to explain a little more. :)

I'll probably apply to Tulane -- a lot of people from my program go there and really love it. One of my classmates came home from visiting there and said, "Everybody there is just so /happy/!" And it is definitely nice to discuss this stuff rationally. ;)