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FF Sparks (Casual)

Web Designer Needed

I'm putting out the call to my friends list first. I'm in the process of moving all of Noderunner.net's hosted services to our new server and location. When that's done, I'd like to finally put up an actual Noderunner.net website; I want a nice clean, distinctive, professional look-and-feel which I can use for the site's main pages, and for the mailing list web interface, and for a webmail interface, and a few other things down the road. I don't have the time to do the basic design/layout, though I can convert it to templates for the various programs down the road. So...if any of my particularly artistically inclined web-designer-y friends out there would like a take a crack at this, I'd really love to hear from you all. (sparks at snafu dot noderunner dot net)

And yes, I will actually pay for this, too. :)


Drop a note to jenk and tell her I sent you... she does this sort of thing...
...aha. Ahahaha. I wish I could volunteer. Ah well. Good luck finding someone, though.
Why couldn't you?
The truth is, I wanted to. But it's only two weeks to the end of the month, and one of those weeks is Christmas, and I still don't have a job. If I don't by the time the January bills are due, I'm in serious trouble. I wouldn't feel right taking on any paid projects because I wouldn't be able to give them the proper attention.

Also, I don't have access to my computer at the moment, so all your graphics would be done in Windows Paint instead of Photoshop or Fireworks. -_^
I'm not exactly in an all-fired rush; I have lots of moving of files to do, and then moving of house, and other stuff. But yes, the Windows Paint issue is a valid one. ;)
Dude. Go for it. ._.

I would, but I've got a similar project with a fixed deadline going on. @_@
Check your email. :)
hi! :-)

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