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Yesterday we did work-meetings most of the day, and it was a little disappointing because (while the meetings were productive) the weather was actually rainy outside. We were worried that the skiing today might not be very good! Still, the meetings were productive, we have some really exciting ideas, and I'm looking forward to seeing what we come up with. Then we had a really nice classy dinner -- very delicious -- and had some 'aww' moments; Matt had his 3-year-old daughter there, and Tini had her 2-year-old, and the two-year-old climbed out of her seat and was toddling around, and so the 3-year-old got out of her seat and went to take the younger girl's hand. Led her around to the Christmas tree, and then brought her around to everyone in the group and said -- with this serious, wide-eyed expression -- "I'm watching her." Matt joked that his daughter was available for babysitting. Very cute! And then we all noticed it was snowing again instead of raining... good omen for skiing. So we went and all got our skis and whatnot set up so that we'd be ready in the morning.

Got some sleep, got up this morning, and got into my ski clothing. Went down and picked up my skis and boots, and hit the slopes. I was worried at first that I wouldn't remember how to ski, though several people assured me that it's like riding a bike; you never really forget. Everyone said the first run would suck -- and it did -- but that then it all comes back. I did the easy slopes a few times, and then I got ambitious and decided to do the whole mountain, summit back down to lodge. This, I should note, is a multi-hour endeavor; Blackcomb is not a small mountain. Given that I was out of practice, I avoided black diamonds, and I wimped out stopping at the top of Solar Coaster.

For those who know Whistler/Blackcomb, I took Cruiser down to where it crossed Green Line. I decided rather than taking Cruiser straight down to Lower Cruiser, I'd take Green Line over to Mainline, which looked (oddly enough) less crowded. Mainline down to Green Line again, then I rather stupidly went off-trail, rejoined Green Line on the other side of a chunk of trees, and then Green Line down to Merlin's, and Merlin's right back to the entrance of the Chateau where I'm staying.

I did make it down without downloading (riding a chairlift back to the lodge), but I now hurt in places I hadn't remembered that I had. I also realized a few things.

1) 'Early season conditions' means 'you can fall through the snow if you mistake a snowdrift for the trail' and 'watch out for rocks if you leave the trail.' I did not have problems with the other, but I fell through the snow surface in one place, joining about three people buried up to our thighs. I always skied later in the season.
2) My god, the powder was perfect.
3) I remember now how quickly glasses fog up. I ended up skiing without them, as I could see well enough to make my way.
4) Skiing /down/ into the cloud layer and out the other side is a surreal and amazing experience.
5) -19 degrees Celsius (at summit) with 65kph winds is /cold/.
6) In the grand tradition of always forgetting to bring one thing, I forgot to bring Chapstick. Doh.
7) Whistler rocks.

So, I'm back in my room to relax for a bit. I may take a nice hot bath. I think I'll order some cocoa or something. Mmm. Cocoa.
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