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On the Slopes

So, the Cerulean folks have all gathered for our planning meeting, for some face-to-face time with each other, and to relax a bit. We're up on Whistler in BC, staying in Fairmont Chateau Whistler.

The journey was mostly uneventful, though poor kieri had to get up very early to drive me to the airport. (Best. Roommate. EVER.) Aside from a little scare of having a nonexistent flight on my ticket, and my room reservations being in the name of our travel agent(?!), the trip was largely uneventful. Met Don and Tini on the bus up to Whistler, along with Don's wife, and Tini's husband and kids (who apparently like me because I know the anime they were talking about). Though considering the 3 hours waiting at Sea-Tac (thank god for airport WiFi hotspots), and then the two hours waiting at Vancouver's airport to meet up with co-workers and catch the bus, I probably could've driven here faster despite the flight being only 30 minutes. ;)

Meanwhile, the snow has been drifting down all day, it's like something out of a postcard. (To the immense delight of Tini's children, who -- being from California -- don't see much snow.) We ran up a really frightening bar tab, discussed the Trillian community, travel stories (poor Andy was forced into immigration and subjected to rigorous questioning), and generally got to know each other. Then we went out and had a snowball fight, found dinner, and came back. It's getting on towards time to get some rest.

Tomorrow's all company meetings -- planning out the future of Trillian both in short-term and long term, discussing all sorts of stuff -- and then Saturday is our skiing day. I have to catch a bus back with the others at 7:45am on Sunday, though. *sniffle*

Still, it's really great to have names to put to all the faces, and we've traded some great stories, and I'm slightly tipsy. Whee! And the scenery up here is gorgeous -- I can look out of my room and see lovely snow falling and piling in drifts. And I'm looking forward to sorting out all sorts of new ideas and brainstorming tomorrow. Yay!
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