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Cute, FF Sparks (Girly)


The cowret is a difficult beast to properly tame and subjugate; weighing quite a bit, the immense beast has a kick capable of breaking bones, and can gnaw through steel cables. It also moves very quickly, and the sight of one of these immense white-and-black Holstein-patterned animals undulating across the landscape is quite a memorable one.

Cowrets who are taken and domesticated are greatly prized, for their milk is considered a particular delicacy, but is very difficult to obtain. Cowrets can, however, be distracted through the use of large shiny objects, which they will immediately seek out. The cowret can be heard from some distance away, as the call is a very distinctive one.

Mook! Mook! Mook!

This is a) a sign I need to sleep, and b) an inside joke; don't ask.


That's.... an interesting hybrid...

You'll be giving me nightmares with that one. Lowing through the Forum, indeed...

oh dear...

It's such an inside joke that not even Google helped me sniff it out...

Let's see...two french pages related to IRC chan #warez; I don't think you mean the COndenser Water REturn Tempurature of a Frigi-Tech Texas Chiller... Woddy Cowret is a member of Y! group DickEvansDivers...

Oh well, I guess it'll have to stay inside..
WRONG! It was so VERY VERY WRONG! *Giggles!*