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FF Sparks (Casual)

Fat Phobia and Social Implications

Psychological 'fat phobia' -- interesting article, and more than a little depressing...


Interesting article, indeed.

However, most of the really cool people I've met in my life don't have that 'phobia', thank goodness. For that matter, anyone who can see beyond the fashion show circuit usually understands that obesity isn't necessarily a choice. ;)

I wonder who they interviewed for their survey.
Honestly, the people who judge by appearance alone usually aren't worth much attention.

That's not to say appearance has no place in any sort of judgment criteria. But people who look at those who are merely overweight, or even tremendous, and immediately cast out any notion of friendship or employability, etc - they're usually missing something of critical importance, themselves.

I've got to agree with ladypixel on this one. Most of the people in my own life don't have that sort of hangup.

And frankly? The people who do?

They're going to be in for a -very- rude shock when they hit 40-50-60 etc, unless they are genetically -very- unusual.


That's very sad and very harsh. Its very strong sterotyping. People should learning the art of reframing! Reframe, the person is not obese. He/She is horizontally challenged! ^.~