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Doggy helps when sick!

My foot hurts a great deal, and my dad -- being helpful -- brought me teriyaki chicken and pasta salad. I dunno what it was, but after dinner I felt incredibly queasy and nauseated...I couldn't keep dinner down, and I'm still feeling stomach cramps. Maybe a mild bit of food poisoning or something. Bleah.

However, I have a nice picture of my dog, Kumo, on my desktop to cheer me up. Kumo is the dog my family got when I was younger; he lives with my parents, but since they're only a few blocks away, I go and visit him. His name is actually Kumokuma, cloud-bear, because when he was a tiny puppy he was a ball of fur with little teddy-bear ears. We call him Kumo for short. Kumo is 100 pounds of fur, drool and wagging tail; he's very bright, very friendly, and still thinks he's lap-sized, despite being a big white wolf.

He really is a big white wolf! He can be incredibly intimidating when he growls because of that, but he's a great dog.
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