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Glare, Grouchy

Doggy helps when sick!

My foot hurts a great deal, and my dad -- being helpful -- brought me teriyaki chicken and pasta salad. I dunno what it was, but after dinner I felt incredibly queasy and nauseated...I couldn't keep dinner down, and I'm still feeling stomach cramps. Maybe a mild bit of food poisoning or something. Bleah.

However, I have a nice picture of my dog, Kumo, on my desktop to cheer me up. Kumo is the dog my family got when I was younger; he lives with my parents, but since they're only a few blocks away, I go and visit him. His name is actually Kumokuma, cloud-bear, because when he was a tiny puppy he was a ball of fur with little teddy-bear ears. We call him Kumo for short. Kumo is 100 pounds of fur, drool and wagging tail; he's very bright, very friendly, and still thinks he's lap-sized, despite being a big white wolf.

He really is a big white wolf! He can be incredibly intimidating when he growls because of that, but he's a great dog.



Feel better!

And Kumo? Is adorable! I want to reach through the monitor and hug him.
Aw, he's adorable! And your dad was adorable for bringing you food, even if it ended up making you feel sick!

Hang in there. It took a while for the pain in my own broken toe to subside, too. But it does.. just make sure you wear something to protect it. Four weeks after my original incident, I banged the same toe again. Ow.
*hugs* I hope your foot feels better soon! And that you feel better in general :)

Omigosh!! He is an absolutely beautiful dog!
Ooooh... I want your wolf! I love wolves, and my god is he gorgeous... wow. He just looks like a big pile of fur that you could just get lost in when you hug it!

And, broken anything on your foot really sucks. :/ I broke the long bone in your foot that goes with the Pinkie-toe, and man that was horrible for a few weeks there. I really hope you start feeling better soon, dearie!
He's actually a Samouyed/wolf crossbreed. Wolf build and shape, but Samouyed snow-white fur, brown eyes and easygoing temperment.

And yes, you can get lost in his fur when you hug him. :)
Remind me to find a picture of him with his mouth open; he has plenty of pointy sharp teeth, too. ;)