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Hokkaido Quake Coverage

For Japanese-speaking friends on my list, Asahi's coverage of the Richter 8.0 quake in Hokkaido is surprisingly good. (English-speaking friends may find the English half of Asahi interesting to read, but they don't have even a third of the articles on the English side they do as on the 'real' site, and there's not really much earthquake coverage there.)

For non-Japanese-speaking friends, you can still find some fairly dramatic pictures in the quake coverage. Just take a look at this article, which... well, I think the picture speaks for itself. It's a rather sobering image for anyone who lives on a fault line to see.

I may, admittedly, be one of the few who cares about this, still having many friends in Japan and some in Hokkaido (all of whom are safe, so far as I've found). And, y'know, living in Seattle and all.

In other news... wow, is international browsing cleaner under MacOS than Windows. On Windows, I can read Asahi, but the fonts are all jaggy and weird compared to normal sites. On MacOS, which seems to be easier to read text on anyway, the Japanese fonts render extremely smoothly.

I sleep now. So tired.
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